Hi person. I’m Gabe Capone and I think everything’s fine except when it’s not.  I love my wife, my two daughters, buffalos, and The Band.  I feel kind of meh about everything else. Welcome.

The Shape I’m In is mainly me making fun of myself and the world around me. Me, Myself, and Me was almost the title of this blog, but it felt a little on the nose.  Plus, it was already taken.

I’ve been writing comedy for over 7 years. You know what, let’s round up and call it 10 years.  I have a decade of comedy writing experience. Even more, if you count my work in pharmaceutical advertising. Is there anything funnier than anal leakage? I think not.

I tweet sometimes. I’ve got various funny stories, satire, videos, and depressing cat memes on www.gabecapone.com.


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